JC Industries is committed to the community. As JC Industries growth began to accelerate it was imperative to give back and be aware of our impact on the environment. JCI is committed to our employees, and clients; we are equally dedicated to having a positive impact on the environment. It is JCI's mission to preserve our world and do our part to reduce the pollution placed into the environment. As a result, we put into place programs within our organization for reducing negative environmental impacts. Our very first steps were daunting. Breaking old habits can be a challenge, but that didn’t deter us from accomplishing our goal.

Through determination we have reduced paper copies and cd waste. This was done by taking advantage of technology and software programs like PDF and Drop Box. We have all but eliminated color copies and cd's. We now archive images and artworks on our cloud drive. The entire package that used to be burned on the cd's and mailed to clients is now digitally sent to our clients, and venders. We implemented the use of recycled paper as well as NOT destroying our cardboard shipping boxes; rather we send them to recycle plants for future use. Also, all waste disposals within the facility are sorted and recycled at the local recycling center.

In addition, the newly relocated JCI building was chosen with its employee's wellbeing in mind. The new JCI building is located adjacent (10 yards away) to the Los Angeles Metro station; this poses a great significance because we wanted to empower our employees. Many of our employees have abandoned the use of their cars and eliminated the frustrations of the daily commute on the freeway. Instead they choose to park and ride and use the Metro rail system for a worry free and environmentally friendly ride! This has proven to be beneficial for the employees because it is economically advantages, convenient, and reduces carbon monoxide from car engines.


The Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) program is the world's largest facility-based social and environmental certification program, mainly focused on the apparel, footwear and sewn products sectors. WRAP a Voluntary Non-Profit Organization which certifies Health, Safety, Welfare measures and compliance with Govt. and other Regulatory Authorities laws and bye laws by and Apparel/Textile Unit. After months of patiently waiting and passing necessary documents, we are happy to announce that we are now an official WRAP Certified Facility! Here at JCI we are thankful to our clients for their trust in our factory. We are also thankful for our dedicated employee’s who’ve worked hard and will continue to ensure that our clients have the best quality service, premium quality products, and the best treatment you can find within Apparel Manufacturing Industry. What an honor and privilege it is to be named among the distinctive few USA manufacturing facilities who are listed as a WRAP certified facility.

WRAP certification ensures that a given factory produces goods under lawful, humane, and ethical conditions. WRAP monitors the factory for compliance with detailed practices and procedures implied by adherence to these standards:

Prohibition of Forced Labor
Prohibition of Child Labor
Prohibition of Harassment or Abuse
Compensation and Benefits
Hours of Work
Prohibition of Discrimination
Health and Safety
Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining
Customs Compliance


JC Industries is proud to contribute to the evolution of eco-friendly processes within the Garment Manufacturing Industry, by elevating the standards of printing and making a positive impact on our environment at the same time. JCI reduces their chemical foot print 95% in their screen printing process!

JC Industries is changing the game in their screen printing process by diminishing their chemical footprint in the process of printing and reclaiming screens by 95%, almost solvent and phthalate free printing. Through extensive testing and development, JCI developed their very own trademarked system. A system that eliminates and or reduces the harshest chemicals and solvents used that directly impact environmental of which are used daily within the garment industry, such as: Haze remover (liquid and paste), Ink wash, Emulsion remover, Scorch remover, Spot remover, and Plastisol inks.


JCI is a premiere Private Label Manufacturer, offering world-class service to those seeking excellence, competitive pricing and an outstanding finished product. Our clientele is strategically selected based on business culture, ethics, growth and profitability. Our goal is to provide quality garments and build strong lasting relationships that foster growth. We seek to offer more to our clients. JCI leverages design, art and its vertical business model to surpass the competition.

While other manufacturers have neither a design team nor knowledge of design merchandising, JCI does. Instead of simply waiting to receive client orders as other contractors do, JCI acts as a partner in the design process. JCI's design team contributes designs as well as technical expertise in development. Through trend reports and forecasting JCI creates bodies and artwork relevant to our client's needs. Thereby fostering concept to completion prototype samples.


We induct high safety standards within our facilities. JCI makes it a point to safeguard against known and unknown safety risks throughout our corporate offices as well as our warehouse. Meeting the requirements of OSHA and WRAP; our building has been recognized as one of the safest buildings operation in the City. Whether it be rules and regulations, policy and procedures, exit routes or emergency drills we protect our employees and take pride in our safe work place environment.

All ducking systems insulated making building energy efficient and reducing carbon footprint.
Facility Lighting - Facility is energy efficient by use of LED lights throughout Warehouse reducing carbon footprint.
Power Cords for Flashers - we use special cords much lighter in weight reducing injury risk for employees.
Textile Dyer HVAC System - custom made, insulated throughout, and cool to the touch. This is significant because under normal circumstances it would be too hot and impose a high degree burn to anyone who touches it.


As a company we understand how important our communities are, not just locally, but on a global scale. JC Industries continues to give back to our communities as we understand that we are only as great as those around us. We demonstrate this through a variety of ways. When natural disasters strike our communities abroad JCI takes action to aid those in need. We take special interest in Partnering with The Food Bank Network. Whether it is shipping supplies locally/abroad JCI answers the call when our neighboring states or countries are in need of a helping hand.

It is equally important to aid local communities as well. JCI works directly with the youth. Youth programs are a big part of our giving back to the community. We are actively involved with local high schools in various capacities such as; speaking to students on career day, providing intern programs to aid in preparedness, and donating to scholarship funds. JCI believes in mentoring the youthful minds of today for they are the future business leaders of tomorrow.