We do not sit in wait! We assist our clients in every way creatively. Many contractors simply want to wait for a tech pack without working for it. Not us we actually earn the business by aiding in the creative process. If your design team is on overload and needs creative assistance, we offer that! How can we assist you? Do you need more graphics? We can help! Do you need more silhouettes? We can bring something to the table


When it comes to creativity, you can never have enough. Has your Graphic Artist team hit a wall or needs assistance on a project that they can't get to? Let our Graphic Arts team help you. Give us the direction and the JCI Graphics Arts team will come up with 1 of a kind art geared toward your customer base!


Fashion is constantly changing. We know how inundated your design team is with producing line after line. Having to attend design meetings, sales meetings, and merchandise meetings can consume all of your time. When do you have time to actually be creative? JCI can reduce some of that pressure. Allow us to help you! Sometimes pounding the pavement and doing trend shopping is impossible to execute. We have over 80 years of combined industry experience to give insight and direction on forecasting. We understand how vital time is and we want to help your company optimize its workable hours.