JC Industries has been an integral part of the Garment Industry for over 39 years; offering excellent products and services for the Garment Industry in its original location. JC Industries initially began as a trim company in the 1970's, providing trims for many of the manufacturers throughout Los Angeles, California.

JC Industries understood time stands still for no one; fashion and trends change. As the industry evolved so did JCI. Today, JCI has grown from a trim manufacturer to a complete Private Label Manufacturer. Our humble beginnings allowed us to understand every aspect of producing the perfect garment from embellishments, washes, to sewing, packing, and shipping, etc. Today we are the premiere manufacturer servicing companies from coast to coast, as well as internationally. We are happy to be recognized as one of the premiere Private Label manufacturer in California.


JC Industries (JCI) is a Full Package/ Private Label garment manufacturer, located in the city of Los Angeles, California. JC Industries is not your typical Private Label Manufacturer. We can handle everything from Concept to Completion. (JCI) is a vertically integrated garment manufacturer 100% of design, development, and sampling happen within our facilities. Because JCI is a self-contained company, we minimize the use of sub-contractor labor. This is a tremendous benefit for our clients in terms of speed because we maximize our turnaround time to literally hours in comparison to our competition who in most cases take days.

Our niche starts with an in-house design team aiding our clients in achieving their goals. Ultimately, JCI becomes a partner during the entire process. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by staying a step ahead, and anticipating their every need. Traditional Private Label/Garment manufacturers do not have a design team, they wait for direction/order from the client, and offer little to no support. The JCI way is to aid our clientele in advance before a need is developed. Proactive business practices are the foundation of the JCI manifesto.


Here at JC Industries Corporate office we are able to hold market style meetings to interested buyers. Our facility houses high quality showrooms and conference rooms fully equipped with the latest technology. We are able to successfully conduct meetings domestically, as well as internationally all while maintaining the privacy, and securing the integrity of our business partners. JC Industries operates with a high level of professionalism, ensuring our guest feel comfortable at all times.

We offer a wide range of resources, and expertise that are essential to meet our client's needs. JCI excels in design, communication, and quick-turn manufacturing thanks to our extensive knowledge base in design, graphic arts, pattern, embroidery, silk screening, shipping, sales, merchandising and planning.

JCI continuous to study, and master the fast growing market by thorough research and involvement within the Fashion Industry. By expanding our knowledge base we in turn give our clients heightened insight to assist with their goal of receiving a top notch product matched with on time distribution. We provide an unparalleled quality level of services, and produce clothing that fits every day of your life.